Emilio Lavignasse and his wife started Olympia Windows & Doors in 1982. Emilio provided the sales and installation, while his wife delivered flyers door to door. Soon, the company began promoting its services at the National Home Show and in Mall displays.

Olympia is now a network of skilled professionals and specialists, with Emilio still overlooking the day to day operations with a hands-on approach to ensure that he can still take pride in the quality of the company’s workmanship and service.

Maintaining this high standard of quality on its choice of products and attention to detail in its installations has allowed Olympia to grow steadily, adding hundreds of satisfied customers every year.

In 1991 the Lavignasse family renovated a half century old house in Mississauga, converting it into Olympia‘s showroom and office.The innovative concept of this unique showroom allows customers to fully understand the installation process and product features of Olympia Windows & Doors.

In 2012 during the underpinning of the basement the house collapsed and as soon as permits allowed they rebuilt it better than ever, keeping the character of the old showroom in the same location.

Today the future looks even brighter for Olympia as we have moved to a larger showroom. The foundation built through high quality service makes this hybrid of a strong family work ethic and professional business systems stands above others in this industry and guarantees many more prosperous years and satisfied customers.